Natural wild crafted or organic herbs, for medical and nutritional use. Gather with respect and prayer, we know it makes a difference, after all how can something help if it's not been grown or gathered with Love and Respect?
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Alfalfa 1 oz King of foods. Contains all known vitamins and minerals calcium, magnesium,phosphorus, and potassium! Natures multivitamin! Contains one of the richest sources of organic salt. Helpful for every condition of the body in maintaining or regaining health. Itís entirely balanced for complete absorption. Medicago sativa
American Ginseng 1/4 oz American Ginseng long valued for its ability to give energy and as a tonic for longevity. Blood purifier amongst its many qualities. 1/4 ounce bag. Panax quinquefolius.
Angelika Root 1 oz Used in relief of gas colic heartburn and debility. Promotes elimination through urine and perspiration. Used for birthing but only under supervision. Great for liver and spleen. Angelika archangelica officinalis.
Anise Seed 1 oz Excellent for digestion place a few seeds in hot milk for insomnia, helps nursing mothers milk flow. Whole Seed 1 oz. Pimpinella anisum.
Anise Hyssop 1 oz Also called Licorice Hyssop. Licorice Mint 1 oz. Agastache foeniculum.
Arnica Flowers 1 oz

Diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, stimulant and vulnerary. Primarily used externally as a tincture or a salve, it promotes the healing of wounds, bruises and irritations of the skin. Care should be taken to dilute tincture as it can cause blistering and inflammation if too strong.

Also used as a poultice and a tea of the flowers as a compress on the stomach relieves abdominal pains. Dilute tincture helpful for inflammation of mouth throat, internal bleeding and as a cardiac agent. Consult a health practitioner for internal use!Arnica montana

Arnica Herb 1 oz Similar properties as flowers but not as potent, best for tincture if combined with flowers. Arnica montana
Bearberry 1 oz Kidneys and urinary tract. Used specifically for bladder and kidney infections. Combine with marshmallow for eliminating stones. Also used in smoking mixtures. Helps to neutralize Uric Acid. Leaves 1 oz. Urva Ursi.
Bear Root 1/2 oz

All purpose healer. Excellent for throat, cough, sores etc. Used in Sweat Lodge.
Not to be confused with Osha Root, though they are related. (both are in the carrot family)
Not feeling well, coming down with something? Try a little Bear Root as a Tea. Sore throat? Chew a little Bear Root. Need to ground yourself? Burn a little Bear Root.

It's Bear Medicine and like the Bear, Mato Pejuta (it's name in Lakota) can heal a wide array of things. Found through out the Cascades & Rockies, it smells and tastes a bit like celery.

This ones an incredible healer, but you also need to remember to pray with it and ask for it's help. (If you think what was just said is silly then this way of healing isn't for you, but if you understand the relationship between healing and prayer, this one will get your attention.)
Bear Root Lomatium macrocarpum is a much larger singular root and more brown in color while Osha Root Ligusticum porterri is Black and the root is clustered and much smaller in size. Root pieces 1/2 oz Mato Pejuta

Beth Root 1 oz Women's herb used for menopause promotes menstruation. Externally used to stop bleeding. Coughs, bronchial problems, hemorrhage from lungs. Poultice or salve for snake and insect bites and skin irritations. Root Pieces 1 ounce. Trillium pendulum.
Blood Root 1/2 oz Excellent for all blood conditions. In small doses it stimulates digestive organs and acts as a tonic. In larger doses it acts as an arterial sedative. Also great for respiratory problems, lungs, croup, asthma, bronchitis and laryngitis. Saguinaraia canadensis
Black Cohosh 1 oz Uterus, nerves, lungs & heart. Relieves pains of childbirth and menstrual cycle. Tincture or in capsules with wild cherry bark and taken with a yerba santa tea for asthma and bronchitis. Lowers blood pressure. Black Cohosh Cut 1 oz. Cimicifuga nacemosa
Black Root 1/2 oz Culvers Root. Works on the intestines liver disorders. Flushes them both. For use on the liver combine with goldenseal and senna pods. Effective yet easy on the system. Culvers Root 1/2 oz. Leptandra virginica.
Blue Cohosh 1 oz Nerves, muscles, lungs, urinary, rheumatism and pms. Excellent when combined with Black Cohosh. Neither of the cohoshs should be taken while pregnant until the last month. Blue Cohosh Cut 1 oz. Caulophyllium thalictroide.
Boneset 1 oz Stomach, liver, intestines, uterus and circulation. Wonderful for fevers and flu's. A bitter herb it stimulates digestion and cleans the bowels. Laxative, fast healing for broken bones. Boneset Cut 1 oz. Eupatorium perfpliatum.
Burdock Root 1 oz Blood purifier, kidneys, detoxifies. High source of iron. Use for arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago. Promotes kidney function eliminating acids. Mix with sassafras and sarsaparilla for blood cleanser. Burdock Root Cut 1 oz. Artium lappa.
Calendula Flowers 1 oz Organic Whole Flowers. Ideal for cuts, bruises, sprains and wounds. Cut 1 oz. Calendula officinalis.
Cardamom 1 oz We get this from Native folks in Guatemala. Appetizer, stimulant and stomach. Aids digestion dispels gas. Wonderful in tea and to flavor rice. Use in cough syrups for taste. Whole Cardamom Green 1 oz. Elettaria cardamomum.
Chachayote Nut each The Aztec Dancers where the shell of this nut around their ankles to ward off arthritis and rheumatism. The nut its self is rubbed on Bee Stings especially for those allergic to them. Also for any toxic bite, or infection. Do not apply directly over an open cut, but around the area.
For Stings and insect bites apply directly on the wound. Can also use the alcohol to rub on inflamed areas, to replace alcohol, simply pour fresh rubbing alcohol into container and allow to sit for 2 weeks before using again. Ideally if you had 2 nuts one can be used while the other is used to create more medicinal alcohol. Contact us for more information.
This is an incredible medicine, but must be used with care and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!
Chaparral 1 oz Stomach, intestine, lungs, antibiotic, colds and flu. One of natures best antibiotics for bacteria viruses & parasites internally and externally. Frequently combined with goldenseal and echinacea. Liniment for rheumatism. Cut 1 oz. Larrea tridentada.
Catnip 1 oz Not only for Cats! Great for relieving stress as a tea. Digestion, fevers, headaches, hysteria and nervous disorders. Induces sleep. Cut 1 oz. Nepta cataria.
Coltsfoot Herb 1 oz Lungs, coughs, asthma, stomach and ulcers. One of the best cough remedies. May be smoked for relief of asthma, bronchitis and difficulty in breathing. Also made into tea for the same & combined with marshmallow. Cut 1 oz Coltsfoot Herb Tussliago farfara.
Cherokee Black Drink 1 oz Traditional drink helps headaches, stamina mentally and physically.
Comfrey Herb 1 oz Fresh cuts wounds. Helps tissue heal internally and externally. Great expectorant. Cleanses the entire system of impurities. Useful in Asthma, some forms of cancer, bleeding kidneys, stomach, gallstones, anemia and diarrhea. Cut 1 oz. Symphytum officinalis
Damiana 1 oz Claims for sexual rejuvenator. But be careful over use can have ill effect on the heart. Rejuvenates help nervous conditions. Cut 1 oz. Turnera diffusa.
Dandelion Root 1 oz Blood purifier, liver, kidneys, gallbladder and pancreas. Clears obstructions in the liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder and bladder allowing them to detoxify. Excellent for the stomach & intestines. Root Cut 1 oz. Taraxacum officinale.
Herb Pillow - Dream Pillow Talk about Sweet Dreams! Your choice of White Sage, Desert Sage, Lavender, Cedar or try our Blended Pillows. These are underdevelopment and White Sage, Desert Sage, are currently offered and if we have enough inquires, we'll put the others directly into production rather on the To Do List for this Holiday Season.
Deer Tongue 1 oz Heals sores, insect bites, coughs, malaria, neuroses, induces sweating, diuretic, and tonic. Leaf 1 oz. Liatris odoratissma.
Eyebright 1 oz Eyes, liver & blood. Its cooling and detoxifying property is especially useful in inflammations. Aids in stimulating the liver to clear the blood reliving conditions affecting clarity of vision and thought. Tea taken daily for eyes. Eyebright Cut 1 oz. Euphrasia officinalis
Echinacea Angustifolia 1/2 oz Blood & lymph cleanser, colds and immune system. The best of the blood purifiers antibiotic. Used in snake & insect bites. You cant take too much of this plant. If it didn't help you didn't take enough. Root Cut 1/2 oz Higher quality
Echinacea Purpurea 1/2 oz Same use as Angustifolia above but not as potent. Root Cut 1/2 oz Economic quality
Elder Berry Berries are rich in organic iron, combine elderberry and blackberry juice, 1 oz 3x daily. Headache due to colds, palsy, rheumatism, scrofula, syphilis, jaundice, kidney problems and epilepsy. Great foe gargle. Sambucus canadensis

Essiac is from an Ojibwa Herbal Remedy that a nurse Rene Caisse made popular and available to the public back in 1923. Essiac is her name backwards, though unfortunately she never credited the Medicine Man that she learned this from..

What it does is create spiritual balance and rejuvenates the body. It builds the immune system, detoxifies the body, removes heavy metals, and in doing so restores the bodies energy level. Many cancer patients have claimed remarkable results from this. What we know is these herbs used are excellent on the system high in Vitamins and Minerals. The key to Essiac is the time taken to create it, don't take short cuts. For more detailed information and formulation click here Essiac.

Organically grown herbs. We offer a 1/2 pound recloseable bag that roughly makes 8-10 gallons, $16.95. You use 1 cup of the mixture to 2 gallons of Distilled Water. Instructions included. This is the original formula, contains Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb

Eucalyptus 1 oz Leaves can be used as tea for coughs, colds, ulcers, hemorrhoids and sores. Oil used to make chest rubs with petroleum jelly or better with coconut oil. Eucalyptus globulus.
Feverfew 1 oz This member of the geranium family is great for migraines. Best is to have fresh live plant and pick a leaf or two when needed. But other wise the dry plant will need to do. Tanacetun parthenium
Herbal First Aid Kit Basic Tea Tree Oil 1 ounce with a spray top. Easily apply on wound without touching it. Tea Tree is an astringent, antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal that aids healing. Next is a Healing Salve Stick, our well known healing salve in an easy to dispense roll up tube, just apply to wound. Tea Tree Soap 2 ounce bottle easily allows you to wash the wound.
Ginkgo 1 oz Excellent for memory. Brain food increases oxygen to the brain. Ginko Biloba Cut 1 oz. Ginkgo biloba.
Ground Ivy 1 oz Stimulates appetite, astringent, digestive, diuretic, pectoral, and tonic. Tea for diarrhea and inflammation of mucous membranes as in colds, sore throat, and bronchitis. Caution large dosages can be poisonous. (Nepeta hederacea)
Goldenseal 1/2 oz Antiseptic, diuretic, laxative, stomach, tonic, eyes, mucous membranes and spleen. Hard to find something that goldenseal doesn't help. Combine with any herb to give it more strength in what it helps. Whole Root 1/2 oz. Hydrastis canadensis.
Goldenseal Powder 1/2 oz Hard to beat this one for cuts and wounds. Antiseptic, diuretic, laxative, stomach, tonic, eyes, mucous membranes and spleen. Hard to find something that goldenseal doesn't help. Combine with any herb to give it more strength in what it helps. Freshly ground powdered Root 1/2 oz. Hydrastis canadensis.
Hawthorn Berries 1 oz Antispasmodic, cardiac, sedative, vasodilator. Hawthorn normalizes blood pressure by regulating heart action, extended use will usually lower blood pressure. It's good for heart muscle weaken by age, for inflammation of the heart (myocarditis), for arteriosclerosis, and nervous heart problems. Good for folks with too much daily stress! Also good for insomnia.
Hibiscus Flowers 1 oz High in Vitamin C - tart and slightly lemony. Used for fevers combined with other herbs for cough remedies. Refreshing tea hot or cold. Whole 1 oz. Hibiscus sabdariffa.
Hops Flowers 1 oz Tea used as sedative, antispasmodic, diuretic, for insomnia, cramps, coughs, fevers, externally for bruises, boils, inflammation, and rheumatism. Relieves spasms of smooth muscles. Whole 1 oz. Humulus lupulus.
Hyssop 1 oz Asthma, colds, cough, lungs, fever, and blood pressure. Promotes circulation. Valuable as an expectorant when congested. Improves digestion. Externally applied to wounds it helps tissue heal. Its in the scriptures. Cut 1 oz. Hyssopus officinalis.
Queen of the Meadow 1 oz Also know as Joe Pye Weed, Gravelroot, kidney root, purple boneset. Astringent, diuretic, tonic. Mainly used as a diuretic, helpful for kidney problems, urinary difficulties and gravel, dropsy, rheumatism, and neuralgia. One tribe in North America used it as an aphrodisiac. As infusion steep 1 oz rootstock in 1 pint water for 30 minutes. Take 1 oz. every 3 hrs or as needed. Aromatic, tonic, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, and heart palpitations. Eupatorium purpureum.
Lavender Flowers 1 oz A tea from this aids the bacteria in the intestines. Whole Flowers 1 oz. Lavandula officinalis
Lemon Balm 1 oz Aromatic tea for nerves, upset stomach, and just unwinding. Mint family 1 oz. Mellissa officinalis.
Lemon Grass 1 oz Aromatic tea for nerves, upset stomach and just unwinding. Long used in cooking as it is never overpowering imparts a lemony flavor with a hint of rose. 1 oz Cymbopogon citratus
Licorice Root 1 oz Used for throat, stomach, cough, congestion, laxative, bladder, and kidney. Combined with marshmallow to aid in peptic ulcers. Add licorice to other medicines to make them tastier. Cut for tea 1 oz. Glycyrrhiza glabra
Licorice Stick Whole 1 dz Whole natural licorice stick. 1 DZ Glycyrrhiza glabra
Life Everlasting 1 oz Tonic, longevity, astringent. Taken as a tea useful for lungs problems, intestinal including hemorrhage. Cold tea to expel intestinal worms. Tincture aids back and some arthritis. Flowers 1 oz Helichrysium stoechas.
Lungwort 1 oz Astringent, demulcent, emollient, expectorant. Tea foe diarrhea, hemorrhoids, respiratory problems, coughs and hoarseness. Mildly diuretic. Decoction for mild lung problems. Externally use for all types of wounds. Pulmonaria officinalis
Madder Root 1 oz The roots are used in coloring leather, cloth and wool for a Red Color. Medicinally it has been used in treatment of jaundice, obstruction of the spleen, melancholy, palsy, hemorrhoids, sciatica, and of bruises. The root is boiled in wine, and sugar or honey added. The seed of madder, drunk with vinegar and honey is used for the swelling of the spleen. Leaves and stems are used when the monthly female menstrual bleeding is late. Leaves and roots are squashed and put on freckles and other discoloration's of the skin. Rubia tinctoria.
Marshmallow Root 1 oz Excellent for the digestive system, intestines. Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for the joints and intestinal tract. High in minerals especially easily assimulateble calcium. Helps regulate body heat. Shredded 1 oz. Althea officinalis.
Mandrake 1 oz Clears brain fog, lymph system. Releases stored toxins. Use with Caution. May Apple Root 1 oz. Podophyllum peltatum
Motherwort 1 oz . Also known as Lion's tail, lion's ear, throwwort. Bitter tonic for most all stomach conditions. A true nervine and excellent for suppressed menstruation, and other female troubles. Leonurus cardiaca
Mugwort 1 oz Hysteria, urinary cramps, albumin in urine, and scanty muddy urine of typhoid. Excellent for rheumatism, sciatica, neuritis, sleeplessness, convulsion, delirium, and chest colds. Eliminates unwanted congestion. Artemisia vulgaris.
Mullein Leaves 1 oz Emmenagogue, diuretic, diaphoric. Native Americans used the leaves medicinally in decoctions for colds, colic, bronchitis, rheumatism, and fever. Also for suppressed menstruation, and for female complains when combined with Calendula, crampbark, black haw, and mint. Excellent for kidney and bladder inflammations as well as gout, sciatica, water retention, etc. However prolonged use may injure the nervous system. Pain, asthma, croup, hay fever, lungs, lymph's. Smoked for congestion and coughs. Tea for the same combined with yerba santa, wild cherry bark and licorice. Also used in smoking mixtures. Mullein Leaves 1 oz. Verbascum thapus
Osha Root 1/2 oz Cough, sore throat and blood purifier. Good for lungs, stomach releases toxins gases, aids rheumatism. Make a tea to induce sweat for breaking fevers. Burned for essence used in smoking mixtures Osha Root 1/2 oz. Ligusticum porterri
Plantain 1 oz Skin irritations, wounds, sores, insect bites, kidney and bladder. Bronchitis, ulcers, hemorrhoids and excessive menstrual discharge. Also neutralizes stomach acids normalizing stomach secretions. Helpful in water retention kidney and bladder infections. Plantago major
Pleurisy Root 1 oz Good as expectorant, colds, asthma, respiratory problems. As a tea it is excellent for flu, bronchial pneumonia and dysentery. At the onset of a cold mix tea with cayenne. Pleurisy Root Cut 1 0z. Asclepias tuberosa
Peppermint 1 oz Cooling to the system aids digestion, upset stomach. Leaf 1 oz. Mentha piperita
Poke Root 1 oz Good for detoxifying system from poisonous congestion's. Stimulates metabolism and useful for medication of undernourished. Helps the lymphatic glands, spleen and especially thyroid glands. Helps in hardening of liver and reduced biliary flow. Phytolacca americana
Raspberry Leaf 1 oz As a tea for beverage remedy for diarrhea combined with cream for nausea or vomiting. Excellent tonic for pregnant women to reduce labor pains, increase milk flow, said to prevent miscarriage. Also astringent Leaf 1 oz. Rubus idaeus
Rose Hips 1 oz High in Vitamin C. As a tea aids in preventing kidney stones. Recommended for kidney or bladder inflammations. Eliminates uric acid accumulation thereby helps with gout and rheumatic complaints. Rosa canina
Rhubarb 1 oz 'Turkey Rhubarb' one of the 4 ingredients in Essiac. Appetite stimulator, astringent, purgative and tonic. Prolonged use is not advised as it aggravates any tendency towards chronic constipation. Pregnant women and those nursing are cautioned against use. Drank cold in small doses (shot glass) for stimulating appetite and digestion. Rheum palmatum
Red Willow Bark 1 oz Primary ingredient in smoking mix for ceremony. Red Willow Bark 1 oz. Cornus sericea
Sarsaparilla 1 oz Blood purifier, skin, circulation, intestines. Helpful in treating gout rheumatism colds and fevers. In a hot tea dispels gas form the stomach and intestines. One of the base ingredients for Root Beer. 1 ounce cut root. Smilax (medica) officinallis
Sassafras Root Loose 1 oz Blood purifier liver. Used in the spring as a tonic stimulates the liver to release toxins. Combine with sarsaparilla licorice burdock and Echinacea for chronic blood disorders. Sassafras Root Loose. Sassafras albidum
Skullcap 1 oz Nerves stomach. A very safe and reliable nerve sedative. Good for drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Helps insomnia restlessness hysteria and neuralgia. High in calcium potassium and magnesium. Non toxic. Skullcap/Scullcap Cut 1 oz. Scutellaria lateriaflora
Slippery Elm 1 oz Sore throats, stomach ulcers, coughs, pleurisy. Can be cooked and eaten like oatmeal excellent for when one cant hold down food. Heals the stomach and intestines quickly. Relieves constipation. Externally apply to sores. Slippery Elm Cut 1 oz. Ulmus ruba
Senna Pods 1 oz Constipated? Take 7 of the leaves place in a pot of 2 cups water and bring to simmer, allow to steep 5 minutes then sweeten and drink while before it cools off. Careful not to burn yourself. You'll feel this warm liquid work it's way down the intestinal tract. Yes its Organically grown. Senna spp
Spearmint 1 oz Great for digestion, lowering cholesterol. Used for nervousness, insomnia, cramps, coughs, migraine, poor digestion, heartburn, nausea, abdominal pains. Combine with hyssop for coughs. Sedative useful in respiratory infections improves digestion. Mentha spicata.
Saw Palmetto Berries 1 oz For Prostrate. Whole Berries 1 oz. Serenoa serrulata
Shepherds Purse 1 oz Used for depression helps regulate menstrual cycle. Shepherds Purse 1 oz. Capsella bursa pastoris
Solomon's Seal 1/2 oz Internally used for tonic, expectorant, astringent, pms and general internal pains. Lowers blood sugar. Externally used for bruises, inflammations, wounds and excellent for poison ivy poison oak. 1/2 oz. Solomon's Seal Root 1 ounce Convallaria polganatum.
Sheep's Sorrel 1 oz One of the herbs in Essiac the others are Burdock, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb.(original formula) Also used for fevers, inflammation, diuretic, tumors, sebaceous cysts, cancer. Root for diarrhea excessive menstrual bleeding. Contains high oxalic acid and tannin avoid large doses. Rumex acetosella
St Johns Wort 1 oz Used for depression helps regulate menstrual cycle. Cut 1 oz. Hypericum perforatum
Sumac Berries 1 oz Tea for tonic, internal sores, wounds, diabetes. Used in cooking for a pleasant citrus flavor. Makes a refreshing mock lemonade ice tea. Great for urinary problems and bladder inflammation. Poultice to stop bleeding. Whole berries 1 oz Rhus glabra.
Sumac Root 1 oz Tea for tonic, internal sores, wounds, diabetes. Used in cooking for a pleasant citrus flavor. Makes a refreshing mock lemonade ice tea. Great for urinary problems and bladder inflammation. Poultice to stop bleeding. Root Bark 1 oz
Super Food

Super Food is a perfectly balanced blend of concentrated foods specifically formulated to supply your body with Whole food source Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and essential trace nutrients.

All 100% Organically grown, free of pesticides, insecticides, in organic fertilizers, fungicides, sulfurs, and antibiotics. Super Food is phytomin based nutrition, speeding the nutrients to your bloodstream in as little as 15 minutes. Create a shake with it, Super Food provides 2-5 times the vitamins and minerals you need for an entire day.

It contains less than 1 gm of fate, zero sodium. Contains No animal products. Spirulina, Blue Green Algae, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat Grass, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, Rose Hips, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, and non active Nutritional Yeast.

You get high concentrations of Beta-Carotene, Alpha-Carotene, Lycopene, minerals, enzymes, phyto chemicals, chlorophyll, organic Iron, Calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and other Vitamins. Excellent source of protein, and Pectin which is proven to remove heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and others from the system.

In other words this stuff is great for your body! 1/2 lb pack

Bitter Root 1/2 oz Fever, liver, kidneys, bowels, digestion & throat. Invaluable remedy for hyperacidity of the stomach or intestines. Helpful in quitting smoking. Useful in maintaining stamina and endurance. 1/2 ounce. Acorus calamus.
Threebee, 1/2 ounce This is a seasoning herb we bring in from a tiny island in Greece. Very unique herb that you rub in the palm of your hand before using with any meat red or white, seafood, salad. Use on cheese, sprinkle on bread and butter, it goes in any food. No not deserts! A cross in flavor between Oregano, Marjoram, Lemon, and Pepper. All we can say is everyone we've ever introduced to keeps asking for more.
Valerian Root 1 oz Good for nerves, antispasmodic, stomach, insomnia, hysteria and stomach craps which cause vomiting. Relieves pain. Externally as a wash for sores and pimples. Valium was derived from this before it was synthesized. Not to be taken without a week break for every two weeks on. Valeriana officinalis
Violet Flowers 1/2 oz Sores, sore throat, head colds. Used in old time cough syrups. Loosens phlegm chest. Whole 1/2 oz Viola odorata.
Violet Herb 1 oz Blood purifier, coughs, colds, bowels, cancer. Whole 1 oz Viola odorata.
Wahpe Wastemna 1/2 oz Great cold and especially cough medicinal herb. Also used to keep clothing smelling great. From Lakota it translates to good smelling leaves.
White Ash Bark 1 oz Tea for laxative as a tonic after childbirth, weight loss and to relieve stomach cramps, fevers, diuretic, promotes sweating. As a wash sores itching lice and snake bites. White Ash Bark 1 oz Chinchona ovata vulgaris.
Wild Cherry 1 oz Used in tea or syrup for tonic, sedative, colds, sore throats, fevers, lung ailments, bronchitis, pneumonia, and inflammatory fever diseases poor circulation, lack of appetite expectorant. Astringent. Wild Cherry Bark 1 oz. Prunus serotina
Wild Yam Root Powder 1 oz This is a women's herb great for menopause. Helps replace estrogen. Discorea villosa.
Wild Yam Root 1 oz Cut root, helps women during menopause. Replaces estrogen.
Wintergreen 1 oz Antiseptic, astringent, diuretic. Tea used for colds, headaches, stomach aches, fevers, kidney ailments, anti-inflammatory said to delay onset of tumors. Externally wash for rheumatism, sore muscles and lumbago. Wintergreen leaves 1 oz. Gaultheria prcumbens.
White Oak Bark 1 oz Tea for ulcers, spleen, chronic diarrhea, gums, dysentery, chronic mucus discharge, bleeding. Gargle for sore throat. A wash for skin eruptions, burns and hemorrhoids. White Oak Bark 1 oz. Quercus alba.
Wormwood 1 oz Wormwood is the first herb for weak digestion and debility. Small amounts daily purges liver, and cleanses gall bladder. Artemisia absinthium.
White Pine Bark 1 oz Good for colds, coughs, grippe, sore throats, lung ailments, rheumatism, and inflammations. Used in cough syrups. Poultice for headaches and backaches. White Pine Bark 1 oz Pinus strobus.
White Willow Bark 1 oz Tea for fever, pain, stomach, rheumatism, diarrhea, arthritis. Wash for cuts, skin ulcers and poison ivy rash. Reduces inflammation. White Willow Bark 1 oz. Salix alba
Yarrow 1 oz Stops bleeding in lungs, bowels, hemorrhoids and other internal bleeding. Helps in colds, influenza, measles, chickenpox, fevers and respiratory tract. Helps you keep up your strength and a blood cleanser. Aids in opening pores to permit perspiration. Achillea millefolium
Yellow Dock 1 oz Blood purifier. 1 oz. Rumex crispus
Yew Bark 1/2 oz Used in treating prostrate cancer. Can be poisonous if used improperly. 1/2 oz.
Yerba Matte Green 1 oz Used by the Aztec Inca & Mayan to make tea. Contains caffeine but less than coffee or black tea. Does not cause the jitters. Beneficial for headaches, migraines. Relieves fatigue stimulates mental and physical energy. Yerba Matte leaves un-roasted 1 oz. Ilex paraguariensis
Yerba Matte Roasted 1 oz Used by the Aztec Inca & Mayan to make tea. Contains caffeine but less than coffee or black tea. Does not cause the jitters. Beneficial for headaches migraines. Relieves fatigue stimulates mental and physical energy. Yerba Matte leaves roasted 1 oz. Ilex paraguariensis
Yerba Santa 1 oz Excellent expectorant. Valuable for colds, chronic laryngitis, bronchitis, lung problems, sinus, antispasmodic and asthma. Considered a blood purifier. A remedy for rheumatism and tuberculosis. Useful in reducing fever. Externally poultice for bruises sprains. Eriodictyon californicum
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