Bundles - Smudge

Sprigs of your favorite smudge plants entwined into bundles, keeping your smudge tidy and easy to burn. Be sure to check out our specialty bundles, filled with resins and herbs, giving you more spiritual bang for your buck!
Most of the N.A. Incenses require a little help, don't forget to pick up some Charcoal.

<b>Flat Cedar Bundle </b>

Flat Cedar Bundle


<b>Desert Sage Mini Bundle </b>

Desert Sage Mini Bundle


<b>Desert Sage Bundle </b>

Desert Sage Bundle


<b>Benzoin Bundle </b>

Benzoin Bundle


<b>Black Resin Bundle </b>

Black Resin Bundle


<b>Byzantine Resin Bundle </b>

Byzantine Resin Bundle


<b>Cedar Resin Bundle </b>

Cedar Resin Bundle


<b>Copal Bundle </b>

Copal Bundle


<b>Dragon's Blood Bundle </b>

Dragon's Blood Bundle


<b>Four Directions Bundle </b>

Four Directions Bundle


<b>Frankincense Bundle </b>

Frankincense Bundle


<b>Gardenia Bundle </b>

Gardenia Bundle


<b>Greek Myrrh Bundle </b>

Greek Myrrh Bundle


<b>Holy Vine Bundle</b>

Holy Vine Bundle


<b>Honeysuckle Bundle</b>

Honeysuckle Bundle


<b>Jasmine Bundle </b>

Jasmine Bundle