Acne Care

Organic Acne Care

Acne Care traditionally has been with chemical and pharmaceutical ingredients that are so harsh on your face. We have addressed it holistically, using herbal extracts/tinctures, and oils that help. Propolis, a product Honey Bees create, is a natural antibiotic that kills all kinds of bacteria without creating resistant strains. At the same time it builds up your immune system so your body can fight them on its own. The Essential Oils selected, control the excess Sebum, and help to rebuild the skin repairing the scars from Acne.
For best results we offer 4 products for a 4 step program to combat Acne.

Our products contain no petroleum ingredients, no parabens and are SLS Free...
And if you're wondering...
No colorants, no silicones, no propylene glycole, no allergens, no fragrance oils, no synthetic dye, no Animal testing (we test on ourselves!) Yes for Vegetarians and Vegans, Yes natural plant oils. PH 5 - 5.5

<b>Hydration Face Cream<br> for Acne Skin</b>

Hydration Face Cream
for Acne Skin


<b>Acne Facial Cleanser</b>

Acne Facial Cleanser


<b>Acne Cleansing Lotion 8 oz</b>

Acne Cleansing Lotion 8 oz


<b>Propolis Tincture</b>

Propolis Tincture