Facial Oils

Nowadays we tend to take care of our skin, using creams, lotions, serums, soaps. In days gone by, in the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc, basic skin care facial based on the use of oils! Today we at Essencial Dreams decided to re-introduce natural face care and skin care oils enriched with essential oils for a true Aromatherapy experience. Applying these Fine, Thin, dry oils, enriched with essential oils, result in a more vibrant skin that is resilient, bright and healthy. Suitable for even the most dry or oily skin, our facial oils nourish and enrich our facial pores, bringing about a balance that gives your face that which todays environment depletes us of. Using them daily or every other day you will feel the difference! Natural vitamins and unsaturated fats naturally contained within the oils will transform your skin. You will find instructions for each type of oil within their description.

<b>Argan Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Argan Facial Oil 35ml


<b>Avocado Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Avocado Facial Oil 35ml


<b>Camellia Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Camellia Facial Oil 35ml


<b>Hemp Seed Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Hemp Seed Facial Oil 35ml


<b>Jojoba Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Jojoba Facial Oil 35ml


<b>Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil 35ml</b>

Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil 35ml