Organize your incense and keep your burning area clean! Don't ruin plates and dishes. Keep your incense and furniture tidy with inlaid wooden stick incense burners, rosewood storage boxes for resins and more!

<b>Abalone Shells. </b>

Abalone Shells.


<b>Amber Boxes large 3 1/2. </b>

Amber Boxes large 3 1/2.


<b>Amber Boxes large 4 x 6. </b>

Amber Boxes large 4 x 6.


<b>Amber Boxes small 2. </b>

Amber Boxes small 2.


<b>Brass Elephant inlay</b>

Brass Elephant inlay


<b>Stick Incense Burner <br>Brass Moon & Stars</b>

Stick Incense Burner
Brass Moon & Stars


<b>Brass Sun inlay</b>

Brass Sun inlay


<b>Stick Incense Burner Carved Edges. </b>

Stick Incense Burner Carved Edges.


<b>Charcoal Swift Lite. Roll </b>

Charcoal Swift Lite. Roll


<b>Charcoal Swift Lite Box.</b>

Charcoal Swift Lite Box.


<b>Stick Incense Burner Flowers. </b>

Stick Incense Burner Flowers.


<b>Stick Incense Burner <br>White Moon & Stars. </b>

Stick Incense Burner
White Moon & Stars.


<b>Stick Incense Burner Plain. </b>

Stick Incense Burner Plain.