Incense Kits

Everything you need to enjoy a full incense burning experience. Most of our kits come with charcoal, burners, resins more! The perfect gift for anyone that likes to light up ...incense, that is.

<b>Resin Kit Gift Basket</b>

Resin Kit Gift Basket


<b>Smudge Kit Gift Basket</b>

Smudge Kit Gift Basket


<b>Smudge Kit Basket -Deluxe</b>

Smudge Kit Basket -Deluxe


<b>Resin Kit, Refill </b>

Resin Kit, Refill


<b>Smudge Sampler Kit. </b>

Smudge Sampler Kit.


<b>Smudge & Resin Refill Kit </b>

Smudge & Resin Refill Kit


<b>RDI Kit Byzantine</b>

RDI Kit Byzantine


<b>RDI Kit Cedar<b>

RDI Kit Cedar


<b>RDI Kit Gardenia</b>

RDI Kit Gardenia


<b>RDI Kit Holy Vine</b>

RDI Kit Holy Vine


<b>RDI Kit Jasmine</b>

RDI Kit Jasmine


<b>RDI Kit Krenos</b>

RDI Kit Krenos


<b>RDI Kit Lemon Blossom</b>

RDI Kit Lemon Blossom


<b>RDI Kit Night Flower</b>

RDI Kit Night Flower


<b>Resin Drop Incense Kits</b>

Resin Drop Incense Kits


<b>Resin Drop Gift Kits</b>

Resin Drop Gift Kits