Resin Drop Incense

Holy scents, that smells good! An ancient recipe tracing history all the way back to the days of Moses. We've had the blessing and privilege to learn the art in crafting this sacred, biblical resin incense from a monk in Greece. Our Resin Drop Incenses or RDIs are available in scents such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Nardo, Mediterranean Night Flower, and in blends like byzantine and our special black. For more information on the history of RDI click here.
<b>Lemon Blossom RDI Simply Double</b>

Lemon Blossom RDI Simply Double


<b>Lemon Blossom RDI Refill</b>

Lemon Blossom RDI Refill


<b>Myrrh RDI Refill</b>

Myrrh RDI Refill


<b>Night Flower RDI Simply Double</b>

Night Flower RDI Simply Double


<b>Night Flower RDI Refill</b>

Night Flower RDI Refill


<b>Rose RDI Refill</b>

Rose RDI Refill


<b>Resin Drop Incense Sampler<b>

Resin Drop Incense Sampler