<b>Nutrition Face Cream<br> for Dry Skin</b>

<b>Nutrition Face Cream<br> for Dry Skin</b>

Code: FCN_NutriDry



Product Description

Unique combination of active ingredients naturally
supports all biological functions kairythmous skin during
the night. Contains Coenzyme CoQ10 with activity in
mitochondria. Increases energy production endokytariko
level, promotes the production of elastin and collagen.
Kojic acid for bleaching, brightness, grinding.
Oils Avocado and Grape seed for nourishment and elasticity.
Regenerating essential oils, Ginseng extract to stimulate and
vitality. Effectively treats dryness, wrinkles, sagging, aging,
dehydration. Finally White chestnut flower essences that
banishes persistent unpleasant thoughts and helps with
sleep and relaxation. Inner and outer beauty in a single cream.
50ml Jar

Usage: Every evening gently thoroughly clean face.