<b>Nutrition Face Cream<br> for Oily Skin</b>

<b>Nutrition Face Cream<br> for Oily Skin</b>

Code: FCN_NutriOily



Product Description

Specially formulated for Normal Skin contains CoQ10.
Kojic acid is added for aiding in whitening, exfoliating and
brightening your complexion. Organic Cold pressed Jojoba,
Argan and Grape Seed oils are used for nourishment providing
elasticity and rebalancing the hydrolipidic action. It unclogs
and re-regulates excessive sebum production for a less oily
skin. Selected essential oils are regenerating, astringent and
close the pores while also aiding the Jojoba to regulate the
production of sebum. Ginseng extract is excellent for toning
and flexility.
Effectively treats oiliness, wrinkles, sagging, aging and the
roughness associated with oily skin. White Chestnut Bach
Flower Remedy is added to help sleep and relaxation and
also aliening unpleasant thoughts for sweet dreams.

Usage: Every evening gently to a thoroughly clean face.
We recommend our Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin.