Organic Lotions

Aromatherapeutic Lotions created with organic essential oils selected to you give an aromatherapy experience as their names suggest. As all the products we make you'll not find synthetic ingredients, always SLS and Paraben Free. Our lotions hydrate your skin and never leave them feeling greasy.

<b>Dreamer Body Lotion 5 oz</b>

Dreamer Body Lotion 5 oz


<b>Euphoria Lotion 5 oz Airless Pump</b>

Euphoria Lotion 5 oz Airless Pump


<b>Freshen Up Body Lotion 5 oz</b>

Freshen Up Body Lotion 5 oz


<b>Harmony Body Lotion 5 oz</b>

Harmony Body Lotion 5 oz