Essential Oils 10 ml

The perfect size for everyday use. Our line of 10 ml bottles (1 ml is 30 drops) have our widest selection of scents, more expensive essential oils are found in the 5ml size!

<b>Bergamot  10ml</b>

Bergamot 10ml


<b>Cedar  10ml</b>

Cedar 10ml


<b>Cedar & Desert Sage 10ml</b>

Cedar & Desert Sage 10ml


<b>Cedar & Sweet Grass 10ml</b>

Cedar & Sweet Grass 10ml


<b>Cedarwood  10ml</b>

Cedarwood 10ml


<b>Cedar & White Sage 10ml</b>

Cedar & White Sage 10ml


<b>Clove bud  10m</b>

Clove bud 10m


<b>Desert Sage  10ml</b>

Desert Sage 10ml


<b>Desert Sage & Lavender 10ml<b>

Desert Sage & Lavender 10ml


<b>Eucalyptus 10ml</b>

Eucalyptus 10ml


<b>Lavender  10ml</b>

Lavender 10ml


<b>Lemon Balm  10ml</b>

Lemon Balm 10ml


<b>Lemongrass  10ml</b>

Lemongrass 10ml


<b>Lemon Peel 10ml</b>

Lemon Peel 10ml


<b>Menthol 10ml</b>

Menthol 10ml


<b>Orange 10ml</b>

Orange 10ml