Essential Oils

Essencial Dreams Essential Oils

A Little goes a long way with our Essential oils, which are pure and undiluted to give you the finest in quality. These oils are distilled, not extracted with harsh, synthetic chemicals, which means they are pure and natural without chemical residue. We offer a wide variety of essences from all over such as, Desert & White Sage, Cedar, Juniper and Sweet Grass from the northwest plains; old garden favorites and new floral delights like Lilac, Lavender, Jasmine, Frangipani, Orange Blossom and Night Flower as well as old and earthy scents from the East: Nag Champa, Patchouli, Sandalwood and others you may not have heard of. So, embark on your nasal safari and find the scent that's right for you!

Many of the oils we offer are not commonly found in the US market; we bring them back from trips to Greece and abroad, allowing us to personally select our oils and to give our customers a wide selection of unique, hard-to-find essences with high standards in quality.

1 dram essential oils pure undiluted steam distilled or co2 distilled essential oils rose, tea tree, sandalwood, rose geranium champa essential ois and many more custom blending to your request available 1 dram is the smallest we offer 1 dram is 3.75ml there are 30 drops to 1 ml we travel to morocco, india, greece and egypt for our essential oils Bulk essential oils 1 ounce to 16 ounces patchouli, tea tree, bergamot, frankincense we carry an extensive inventory of essential oils Pure undiluted organic essential oils 5 ml essential oils steam and co2 distilled champa also known as nag champa, peppermint, lavender, cedar, too many to list here euro dropper bottles dispense a drop at a time Steam and co2 distilled essential oils pure aromatherapy grade 5ml essential oils we individually select our essentia oils for quality, purity and strength 15ml essential oils for when you need more 15ml essential oils rose, rosemay, thyme, sage pure arpmatherapy grade essential oils 1 ml contains 30 drops create a blend make your own choose which essential oils you would like blended together we have developed a 2 scent create a blend and up to 5 different essential oils select what size bottle you would like 1 dram, 5ml, or 15ml 15 ml essential oils 5ml essential oils Bulk Essential Oils 1 dram essential oils 1 dram is 3.75ml 1 ml is 30 drops Create a blend you select the oils you would like to blend Fragrance Oils for scenting non edible Fragrance Oils stictly for scenting not edible synthetic oils blended for scenting for scenting candles, and some use for body care, we use essential oils fragrance oils fragrance oils not edible, for scenting purposes 10ml essential oils verty ver essential oil patchouli essential oil lavender essential oil orgaic essential oils