Aromiel Honey

Aromiel honey is one of the many treasures you'll find here at Essencial Dreams. Kalymnian Honey, all the way from a tiny island in the southern Agean sea of Greece named Kalymnos is one of the honeys used to create Aromiel Honey. Not that honey is not therapeutic all by it's self but adding just a bit of essential oil(s) the honey is transformed into a super therapeutic product for things like appetite, Oops, got to run but will be right back to complete this listing.

<b>Aromiel - Cinnamon 120ml</b>

Aromiel - Cinnamon 120ml


<b>Aromiel - Lavender/Chamomile 120ml</b>

Aromiel - Lavender/Chamomile 120ml


<b>Aromiel - Neroli 120ml</b>

Aromiel - Neroli 120ml


<b>Aromiel - Rosemary/Spearmint 120ml</b>

Aromiel - Rosemary/Spearmint 120ml


<b>Aromiel - Thyme 120ml</b>

Aromiel - Thyme 120ml