Extracts of organic and wild crafted herbs, diffused by soaking finely ground plants in alcohol for a minimum of 6 months, insuring optimal extraction of the medicinal properties. Most effective when administered under the tongue, but can be mixed with water, tea, or juice.

<b>Calendula Tincture</b>

Calendula Tincture


<b>Cat's Claw Tincture</b>

Cat's Claw Tincture


<b>Chamomile Flower Tincture</b>

Chamomile Flower Tincture


<b>Echinacea Tincture</b>

Echinacea Tincture


<b>Feverfew Tincture</b>

Feverfew Tincture


<b>Ginkgo Tincture</b>

Ginkgo Tincture


<b>American Ginseng Tincture</b>

American Ginseng Tincture


<b>Horse Chestnut Tincture

Horse Chestnut Tincture


<b>Pau D'Arco Tincture</b>

Pau D'Arco Tincture


<b>Propolis Tincture</b>

Propolis Tincture


<b>St Johns Wort Tincture</b>

St Johns Wort Tincture


<b>Vitex Tincture</b>

Vitex Tincture


<b>White Willow Tincture</b>

White Willow Tincture